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An evergrowing list of contemporary books for children in Year 4 and advanced readers in Year 3. We have worked hard to include books from a variety of genres and topics to help your child find something they like. The list can also be used to help their librarian recommend your child more books. We understand it can be hard to get your child to read for leisure so we hope this list will help them grow a life-long passion for reading.

Notes for Entrance Exam Preparation: Reading is one of the key methods for growth of vocabulary; not merely for acquisition but also for contextual understanding. We recommend reading for at least 30 minutes every day, followed by a 5 minute discussion on what your child read. This will help improve recollection and train their minds for comprehension questions. The vocabulary they acquire will be important for Verbal Reasoning Exams. The understanding of story structure and the ideas they read about will help them in the Writing Section of English Exams.

Guidance: These books are merely recommendations. Please do not feel compelled to have your child attempt all the books. Remember that quality is more important than quantity in this case. Let your child pick books they enjoy and allow them to stop reading a book they aren’t enjoying. The aim is to help them find what they like and more importantly what they dislike.


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