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This is a part of a bundle: Alice in Wonderland Chapter 1

Help your child improve their editing skills while reading a well-loved piece of classic literature. This worksheet includes: 24 misspelt words in two sections, answers, and teaching tips to assist you.

Editing is a crucial skill in the 11 plus exams. Regardless of the examination style (CEM, GL or written), your child will be tested on their ability to spell correctly. Our method has been developed with your child in mind and is part of a well-implemented framework to help them improve their abilities as efficiently as possible through practice.

Use our vocabulary lists to help your child improve the depth and breadth of their language in a structured approach.

In this chapter:

Alice and her sister are sitting by an idylic riverbank. Alice, however, craves something more vivid and interesting. Boredom makes Alice drowsy and in a semi-conscious state, she sees the White Rabbit, wearing a waistcoat and talking to himself, dart into a nearby hole. Alice is jolted back to her senses by the White Rabbit. Deeply curious,  she pursues the White Rabbit. As she goes down the rabbit hole, Alice experiences a loss of gravity and slowly floats to the ground. What happens next?

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Based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


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